13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT–Kin 11 : Blue Spectral Monkey

Telepathy precedes manifestation and governs the underlying order of the universe. Telepathy is faster than the speed of light. Galactic culture, based on telepathy and the Law of Time, is streamlined and without waste, vastly superior to the culture of waste based on the speed of light, but lacking the Law of Time.

–Valum Votan — Blue Spectral Monkey

T (E) = ART — Energy Factored by Time = Art 

(excerpt from 20 Tablets of the Law of Time)

                             by  Valum Votan

GOD’s (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) divine measure for radializing the Divine Plan throughout all creation is the Law of Time.

Unconscious through the long epochs of evolutionary informing, the Law of Time has always reigned supreme, all phenomena are obedient to its transformative power. Yet unknown and unvoiced was…

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